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Few guitar amplifiers achieve legendary status like old Marshall amps, but the 5150 has been steadily building fans and a cult following. First released in 1991, the early amps are now over 20 years old. It seems, like with many musical instruments, as they age, they become more and more desirable.

This website is dedicated to all 5150 owners and fans and the forum should provide lots of information on these amplifiers and a place for owners to meet and discuss mods and other stuff.

I got my 5150 in the mid 90’s while in high school after my brother and I begged our mom for weeks. We thought we would magically be able to play like Eddie Van Halen. I still have that amp today and have no plans of selling it.

These amps are dirty and get a great hard rock and metal tone. Plus they are fairly easy to modify if you are brave enough to bust out a soldering iron.
Dig through the site, read up on the history of the amp, then join the forum and tell us about your 5150.

Tony Coke

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  1. Ryan says:

    amp will power red but not green

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